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Quick Overview
  • Made up of Natural Soapstone- Organic Version of Cookware
  • Handcrafted to perfection
  • Maintains the aroma, taste and heat for a longer period of time
  • Aesthetically designed head-turning cookware to cook your favourite recipe
  • Best replacement of non-stick cookware
  • *needs seasoning. Please refer to description below

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    Diameter18 cm to 25 cm
    Depth12 cm to 14 cm
    Capacity65 – 100 oz
    Weight 6-8  lbs
    1. It is rich in vital vitamins and magnesium (an important mineral found in foods like legumes, pumpkin seeds, tofu, entire grains, and dark chocolate).
    2. Takes a minute or two extra to get heated but once it gets heated it stays warm for a longer time. This in turn makes the food warmer for a much longer time & reduces time decay.
    3. They can retain the aroma and taste of the food items being cooked for a long time.
    4. Unlike the non-stick pans/metal utensils, it is completely non-reactive to the food items being cooked which makes the food item completely safe to consume. 
    5. Customers reported their heartburn problems were solved after switching to Soapstone products
    6. Works with both gas and hot stove/ induction stove, but we recommend Gas/Fire. Hot stove will need more time to heat this up and may require a heat diffuser.
    7. Dishwasher friendly but recommend hand washing.
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