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Traditional Panchaloga Dosa tawa/Dosa Skillet – 5 Metal Dosa Kal (Big Size)


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Quick Overview
  • Ideal for Households who like to have Dosas just like the ones in Restaurants.
  • Made using various 5 natural metals
  • Ideal for both Crisp Dosa and Uthappam Types.
  • Best for Pav Bhaji.
  • Best replacement for non-stick cookware.
  • Free Shipping
  • No questions asked return*
  • Thickness- 1.5-2 cm
  • Diameter- 32 cm
  • Weight- 1.5 Kg

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Traditional Cookware. This Dosa Kal / Dosa Tawa is made up of five natural metals(Aluminum, Iodonium, Copper, Brass, and Zinc). knows us Panchalogam

The blend is so perfect that it ensures there are no side effects of any kind(even for people who are not comfortable with Aluminium).

The dosa Tawa is the best replacement of all non-stick cookware and we guarantee you will love this product. Sold more than 500 of these products offline.

Return policy:

We are sure you will love our products. For whatever reason, you want to return we will be waiting to hear from you for the first five days. But after that, we will have to switch to other customers. we will not be able to refund requests afterward.

For returns send your information to info@namkalam.com

*NamKalam Guaranteed means:
  • Quality Tested
  • Easy Returns
*No question asked return are accepted as long as the Kal/Tawa is less used and color remains the same.
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