3 reasons why setting goals are not so good for you
3 reasons why setting goals are not so good for you

With 2020 ended, I’m often struck with this thought- Is it a “good” thing or will the panic continue? I can even sometimes imagine how Anne Frank must’ve lived shut in the house for 2 years during World War II. But yes, that was the 20th century and I should probably stop grumbling so much.

Especially with the new years’ eve, it’s that time of the year to write or mentally think about resolutions and goals for 2021. Since all good things start with a plan, I decided to create one myself. This year, a little too mindful of what to aim for (as schedules and planning did not quite stick on as expected), I have determined to make the brand new year work well for me.

Immersing into productivity ideas and courses, I‘ve come up with a shocking understanding. Goals don’t truly drive long term success-Much to the contraction to what was taught to us in schools. Don’t agree with me? I hear you. That’s why I write to explain why ( really why) they don’t benefit us in the long run.

Habits can be very, very powerful

Is 1 % a significant number? I would tell it’s relative. It depends on 1% of ‘what’. 1% of amazon share is a whopping fortune while 1% of the mobile battery may not mean the same.

In his book ‘Atomic Habits’. James Clear explains what could possibly happen if a person improves by just 1 % every day. By the end of the year, s/he would have improved 37.78. That means habits can be insanely powerful. So freaking powerful that it could positively change your life.  Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement.

Screw goals, Devise the system

Goals can be short term like dangling carrots. Example a goal to fit into a particular outfit for the summer or a friend’s wedding can not drive the same results on the long run.

Once, the target goal is achieved, we are free to do what we feel like. In simple words, discipline is not imperative.

But if you focus on the system, you keep going. Example, if the system of habit is to have a run at 5 PM each day, you are driven to do that (Even after rocking that party with your darn good looks 🙂

This drives us to our next big idea- the person you want to become

Focus on what matters

Imagine going for long walks irrespective of how you “feel”? Imagine not eating refined sugar even if you crave carbonated and sugary food? Imagine, always eating half stomach, even if the food is terrific?

These tiny habits are what defines the person you want to become. This is why the most effective way is to stop focusing on what you want to achieve, but on who you wish to become.

Wishing you all a year of success, happiness and love. Let’s eat healthy every time. Think good thoughts, every time. Be good, every time.
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