3 Practical ways to improve your productivity today
3 Practical ways to improve your productivity today

Overwhelmed with life that you don’t even have the time to make a to-do list? If this sounds like you, you are not alone. The world today offers so much and we want it all. With 24 hours for every human, this is in fact a fair race.

But, how are successful people getting more things done than the rest? What makes them different? Look no further.

In this article, we explore three proven habits of successful billionaires and entrepreneurs that make them who they are.

Read, Read and Repeat

The human brain is extraordinary. Studies prove that even the genius Albert Einstein hasn’t used his brainpower to the fullest. This simply means that we have a world of untapped potential in our very own heads! Think of the brain as your superpower. And the secret button to use this superpower is to actually use it. By just reading 15 minutes a day, you can retain a lot of information that can help you work efficiently. Thanks to the technology you can listen to podcasts even when you have a shower. Practice incorporating learning in odd ways and squeeze it into your lifestyle. Your older self will thank you. Remember, you are also what you feed your mind!

Hydrogen and Oxygen

You’ve probably heard this so many times and yet, you miss to hydrate your body enough. Oxygen is very important to get your brain working. Some suggestions are to place filled water bottles in your work station, living room, bedside table , balcony area and your car if you drive everyday just so you can drink without taking any extra effort. I’d like to think of it as a morning routine. I fill up 7 water bottles everyday and place them all over my home. Whenever I get engrossed with my body of work, I don’t worry about stepping up to reach for water. I also find that I drink a lot more and I work effectively.

Wake up 15 minutes early everyday

Energized by interviews of billionaires and their 4 am morning routine, I tried to wake up at unearthly hours. Tried and tested, and figured it’s not for me. I felt cross and suffered from bad temperament as I felt low in energy. As the day progressed, I was drained. And then I started to set achievable targets and woke up 15 minutes earlier than my usual time. That was life-changing. I trained myself to get a few important things done with that time. I made my bed and enjoyed my morning detox drink (a glass of lemon water and some chia seeds) as the fresh morning air rushed on my face. I liked it. It didn’t change my routine drastically but it amazed me as I started waking up early every day consistently. I can now do 5 am routine happily ????

When you want to get a lot done, you must start with what is right in front of you. A game plan is great, but sticking to it is critical. Habits define who you can become. Start now!

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